Joint Apprentice Training Committee (JATC) Top of Page

To contact the JATC electronically, please email, and include "ATTENTION JATC" in the subject line.
Chair: Sal Rotolo (Labor Trustee)
Secretary: Greg Gordon (Management Trustee)

Labor Trustees:
Armando Guerrero
Corey Van Rys
Sal Rotolo
Randy Young
Michael Mark

Management Trustees:
Jim Conway
Craig Medley
Nicole Billings
Greg Gordon 
Nick Clayton

Administration Office StaffTop of Page

Executive Director: Scott K. Brehmer
Administrative Assistant: Ako Monteiro

InstructorsTop of Page

Forest Crocker-Solis - TAB
Roger Kane - 3rd & 4th  Year Service
Shane Lee - Welding & Certification
Ken McCoy - Safety Training
Daniel See- 1st & 2nd Year Service
Ivan Hernandez - 1st - 4th Year Sheet Metal
Feleti Latu - CAD/Detailing
Scott Brehmer - Title 24, Fire and Smoke Damper